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Our Vision: 

At SweetWater, our goal and vision is to help people with their real estate challenges and build a strong financial future.  Our team is focused on helping you! 


Our Story: 

At SweetWater, we understand the value of personal and family financial security.  Whether your goal is to sell your home privately (we buy for cash without an agent saving you thousands) or buy a home through our Rent-to-Own program, we’re here to help.

Helping you bridge the gap is what we do best.  We work hard to understand your story and then we use our experience and connections to help you with your unique situation.

At SweetWater we have been Investors, tenants, home owners, landlords and Property Managers, so while working with us, you will have access to our experience and our network to help you achieve the success that you are looking for. 

Our focus is your success!

Meet the Team


Kevin and Annmarie, Your SweetWater Team!

Kevin brings extensive experience and a deep thoughtfulness to the project at hand. If he does not know the answer to a question, you can be certain that he will find it. Dealing with details on both the front lines and behind the scenes, Kevin is always working hard to provide you with the best solution to your particular situation. His sense of humour and warm personality keep it fun here at SweetWater.

Annmarie will be available to help move things forward quickly and efficiently if the Rent-to-Own option is the right choice for you. Years of project management experience and a deep compassion for people equip Annmarie to attend to all the necessary details in a way that will make you feel well cared for by SweetWater. 


In partnership with Amiel Jelinek of Mortgage Alliance

Amiel has written hundreds of custom Rent-to-Own plans for individuals and families working to obtain home ownership.  His attention to detail and his understanding of your unique set of circumstances will help support you on this journey.


Franz and Ruth

"Thank you Kevin and Annmarie,

You made it possible for us to move fast in our dream home. Your Rent-to-Own program works great and it is very flexible. It was so great to work with you, we never felt any pressure and we were able to chose the house we like from MLS and in the city we like.

Everything was set up very professional from you but on the hand, to deal and degotiate with you was very personal, like a big family.

We would recommend you at any time to somebody who is in the same situation like we were.

Franz and Ruth, London Ontario

Thank you Kevin and Annmarie,

You made it possible for us to move into our dream home! Your Rent-to-Own program works great and  is very flexible. It was so great to work with you and we never felt any pressure while shopping for the house that we were able to choose for ourselves.

You were both very professional throughout the entire process but at the same time made us feel like family.

We would recommend you and your Rent-to-Own program at any time to somebody who is looking to buy a home and simply needs a little help to get there."

Franz and Ruth, London Ontario

John and Tracey


"Thank you Annmarie & Kevin for helping us to find our forever home.

It was great working with you in your Rent-to-Own program. Being able to choose the house we wanted  and working with you both to achieve that goal was an amazing experience.

  You are both very professional and personable and it was a pleasure working with you both. You were always ready and able to help with any questions or concerns that we had.

We would definitely recommend you and your Rent-to Own program to anyone needing help in buying their home. You made the process as easy as possible and we are eternally grateful to have met you."

John & Tracey

Kitchener, ON

Michael Noel

 "I was fortunate enough to have met Kevin when I was first starting out in my real estate career. In fact this was my first real estate deal doing a joint venture with Kevin for a lease option project. I found Kevin to be easy and patient to work with, completely transparent and highly trustworthy. Kevin also helped me to learn more about the business and understand how to construct a win win deal so everyone benefits. I have no reservation in working with Kevin on any future projects and highly recommend him to any investor needing a reliable, knowledgeable partner to work with."

Michael Noel

Coquitlam BC

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